Ivy Bridge i7 3770 benchmarked

/ 6 years ago

The Ivy Bridge engineering samples have been out for a while now and someone has uploaded screenshots of the i7 3770 ( a quad core Ivy Bridge processor at 3.5GHz) running Cinebench, 3D Mark 06 and Fritz Chess. The i7 3770 scores an impressive 7.52 in Cinebench across all its 4 cores, for context the 2700K scores 6.85 in this benchmark.

The CPU scored 6841 3D marks in 3D Mark 06, with a CPU score of 7170. The single core rendering performance of the i7 3770 was also incredibly powerful scoring 1.63 on a single core run, which was much higher than its closer competitor the Xeon W5590 ( a $1600 server processor). Things certainly look promising especially give the tiny TDP of just 77W and the low core voltage of just 0.88.


Source: ChipHell

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