Ivy Bridge Pentium G2120 to arrive in Q4 2012

/ 6 years ago

Ivy Bridge isn’t just all about high performance consumer desktop processors for Intel, its also about producing large quantities of cheap and abundant Pentium processors. Pentium processors form the backbone of a large number of everyday workstation and consumer systems. Some of the current Sandy Bridge Pentium processors range from £30-£75 and give performance that more or less beats most AMD Athlon II and Phenom II CPUs in single and multi-threaded applications. The Ivy Bridge Pentium line up will therefore be hugely important for Intel, bringing hopefully better performance and lower power consumption for a similar price point that will hopefully make a great value gaming or everyday processor for the average user.

The first of these Pentiums to hit the market will be the G2120 which is a dual core, dual thread (so no hyper threading) processor clocked at 3.1GHz. There’s also 3MB of cache and a 65W TDP. No PCIe Gen 3 support and no AVX support. The current fastest Pentium goes to 3GHz at a 65W TDP so we expect this G2120 to be a close to top of the line Pentium given its clock speed. We can only speculate in terms of pricing but £75 seems a fair estimate given the fact it offers slightly better performance than the current dual core 3GHz Pentium G860 which retails at £72~.

Source: CPU World

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