Ivy Bridge to be DX11 ready

/ 6 years ago

Ivy Bridge will run off the same socket as the current Sandy Bridge generation except it will be made from the 22nm manufacturing process not the 32nm one. However, there is more to Ivy Bridge than a process size shrink according to Intel there has been a substantial amount of work done on the integrated graphics core although it is unlikely that it will be anything to match the APU power that some of AMD’s processors pack. The new Ivy Bridge GPUs will be Direct X 11 ready meaning you will be able to play some basic games that are Direct X 11 but Intel is still suggesting if you want to do serious gaming you should seek a discrete video card solution.

This is big news since believe it or not Intel holds a staggering 60% of the total graphics market through its integrated solutions so providing DX 11 integrated graphics will make a big difference to the DirectX 11 compliance of the world’s systems. Intel’s integrated solutions may not be fantastic for gaming but they are still doing pretty well when it comes to transcoding performance in many cases they often beat their discrete counterparts.


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