J.K. Rowling & BBC To Bring New Wonderbook To PlayStation 3 This Christmas

/ 4 years ago


Book of Spells is one of the best things you can do with the PlayStation Move and the Wonderbook. For those of you who do not know what a Wonderbook is, it is a plushy book with augmented reality (AR) symbols on it. You sit on the floor with the book in front of you and the PSEye camera detects where the book is and renders things on it in the game that you can then interact with by picking up the book, turning it, flipping it, using the move controller and more.

Book of Spells was a big hit thanks to the Harry Potter licence, being able to use the move as a wand, learning famous Harry Potter spells and getting involved in a story that surrounded Hogwards. Now J.K. Rowling is on board again to bring Book of Potions to the format this Christmas.

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On top of that we also have the BBC who have invested to bring their legendary Walking With Dinosaurs series to the Wonderbook peripheral, something that will allow you to excavate, explore, build and interact with the dinosaurs and see them come to life in your room thanks to the AR technology.

Both are shaping up quite nicely and if the quality of previous Wonderbook titles such as Book of Spells and Diggs Nightcrawler are anything to go by, these new ones should be a lot of fun.


Thank you Forbes for providing us with this information.

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