JailbreakMe creator joins the Apple Team

/ 6 years ago

The creator of JailbreakMe and Spirit_Tools “Comex” or by his real name Nicholas Allegra has joined Apple as an intern to assist with the programming department. Apple have probably finally realised that it is much easier to hire their software nemesis than it is to try and take him on. It is unlikely that he will show Apple how to stop Jailbreaking of its devices occurring but he will certainly be expected to help repair some of the security vulnerabilities in the Apple iOS at the minimum otherwise hiring him is a waste of time and money.


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2 Responses to “JailbreakMe creator joins the Apple Team”
  1. cgs says:

    what a shame,gone to bed with the enemy

  2. Dawsey says:

    I love the fact that all the famous software hackers are now, as mentioned above, gone to bed with the enemy. Shows you their init for the cash and fame and not for the pride.

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