Jak II Developers Excited About Fan Made CryEngine Remake

/ 3 years ago

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Jak II is one of the most iconic platformers in gaming history, but the game is getting a little old now. Talented Deviant Artist and YouTuber, Floordan, has been working tirelessly to recreate the Jak II: Renegade game in CryEngine. CryEngine is known for its ultra high-end graphics capabilities and Floordan has already done a great job a recreating the game under the name Jak II: Renegade Reborn.

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Game developers, or more precisely, publishers, are often quick to shut down many of these projects, but not this time. Evan Wells, the Naughty Dog co-president, has already expressed his interest in the product, good for you Evan!

Thank you Floordan for providing us with this information.

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