Japanese Artist Crafts Intricate Sci-Fi Craft Models From Paper

/ 2 years ago

craft 1

A Japanese craftsman, known only as uhu02, has produced some of the most beautiful handcrafted models of science fiction vehicles ever seen, in such exquisite detail that they can compete with the best die-cast resin models on the market. What makes the feat doubly impressive is that uhu02 works exclusively in paper.

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Star Wars X-Wing

craft 2

craft 3

craft 4

Battlestar Galactica (2004) Viper Mk. II

craft 5

craft 6

craft 7

craft 8

craft 9

Star Wars TIE Interceptor

craft 10

craft 11

Star Wars AT-ST

craft 13

craft 14

craft 15

Source: Gizmodo SPLOID

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