Japanese Xbox Boss Steps Down After Poor Sales in Japan

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The now ex Boss of Xbox in Japan, Takashi Sensui, has stepped down from his post after bad sales of Microsoft’s console in Japan.

Sensui will pack his bags and move to the US, while he’s replaced back at home by Takahasi Minami. The moves in Japan for Microsoft are happening because the Xbox One isn’t selling as well as the Xbox 360 did. The Xbox One has sold 38,461 consoles in Japan so far, but considering 23,562 of those were sold in the first 4 days after it launched back in September, the console has limped by since.

Comparing the numbers against the Xbox 360 in Japan, which sold double those numbers in its first 2 days all the way back in 2006. According to the latest data from Media Create, there were only 776 Xbox One consoles sold last week, while the home-made PlayStation 4 sold 12,400 units, while the also Japan-made Wii U sold 9,600. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said that expanding into Japan would be an uphill battle for Microsoft, with both the Xbox and Xbox 360 not experiencing the best traction in the country.

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As of February 26, the Xbox 360 had sold 1.6 million units, while as of November 2011 the original Xbox had sold 450,000 units. Sony has been doing well, selling over 300,000 PS4 units in the first 48 hours of its launch after February 22.

Source: IGN.

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One Response to “Japanese Xbox Boss Steps Down After Poor Sales in Japan”
  1. Monaro says:

    Ouch. Tough crowd. Then again, Japan is always more receptive to home developed products vs the Western imports (with some exceptions), so catering to that hostile an audience is always going to be… fiddly.

    Need more JRPGs on Xbox!

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