Jason Momoa to Star in Just Cause Movie Adaptation

/ 11 months ago

Jason Momoa to Star in Just Cause Movie Adaptation

It seems that Square Enix has been busy with getting their properties adapted into the big screen. Having confirmed that Donnie Yen will be starring in the Sleeping Dogs movie adaptation several days ago, now the open-world 3rd-person grappling action adventure Just Cause is also getting a big budget movie starring Jason Momoa. Best known as Khal Drogo from HBO’s Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa is also set to play Aquaman in a solo title as well as in Warner-Bros’ upcoming Justice League.

Set to direct is Brad Peyton (San Andreas), who also works with Momoa in the television series Frontier. Scripting duties are handled by Master and Commander: The Far side of the World screenwriter John Collee. Jason Momoa will play the title character Rico Rodriguez, a field operative in a clandestine organization called The Agency who in the video game is often dropped off in the middle of exotic locales to take on corrupt banana republic governments, local drug cartels and various militia.

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Just Cause’s open world gameplay lends itself to breathtaking visuals as backdrop to large explosions and plenty of action so needless to say, this movie adaptation is not going to be a slow-burning drama but will offer plenty of blockbuster carnage.  Distribution rights will be handled by 20th Century Fox and there is no estimated start or release date for the project yet. For now, Momoa is also rumoured to star in an upcoming The Crow remake as the titular character on top of being scheduled to star as DC Comics’ Aquaman for the foreseeable future so needless to say, he is a busy man.

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