John Romero’s New Shooter Is Like “No-One’s Seen Before”

/ 2 years ago

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Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein creator John Romero is working on a new shooter, which he describes as revolutionary and so “unique” that he’s “never seen a game like it.” Romero, with his wife and business partner Brenda Romero, spoke to Develop at the Ludicious games festival in Zurich, waxing lyrical about his new game and its “interesting story.”

“I don’t want to talk about it because it’s a really cool idea, it’s a unique idea. I’ve never seen a game like it,” Romero boasted.  “I’m really excited to start making it because it’s just a great idea. Instead of just pumping out game after game after game, it’s like waiting to come up with something that’s really unique, that no-one’s seen before, and enables you to make something that you hope will be really amazing. So, we’ll see. It’s got a pretty cool fiction around it. It’s got an interesting story.”

“I really like what he’s doing,” Brenda chimed in. “There’s maybe 10 people that know what it is. It’s exciting. There’s some really cool stuff he will announce.”

“It’s not like you would ever look at it and compare it to any other shooter that’s out there,” Romero added.

The new game, as-yet-untitled, is being developed by Romero Games, which was set up by John and Brenda back in 2014.

“It’s unique,” he continued. “That’s the cool thing. It’s not like you would ever look at it and compare it to any other shooter that’s out there.”

“You wouldn’t make a game if you didn’t believe it was a great idea,” Brenda added. “Hopefully nobody makes a game if they don’t believe that. You just hope that you can carry that vision in the execution.”

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  1. Sgt_Oddball says:

    I have one word for you John Romeros… Daikatana.

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