Jonsbo QT01 Quiet Mid-Tower Case Review

A Closer Look – Interior

The interior of this case is certainly interesting. It’s pretty old-school in here actually, with a design I haven’t seen in a few years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This isn’t a show-case with tempered glass on it, it’s meant to get the job done and it certainly looks capable of that.

There are a few cable routing holes where you would expect them, keeping cable runs short and tidy shouldn’t be an issue.

Obviously, the PSU isn’t under a shroud in this build, but that’s no bad thing. It supports some of the largest ATX PSUs on the market, and having it more open like this can make hooking up all your cables a lot easier.

The hard drive bays are all upfront, putting them in the line of the main airflow from the front. If you’re running a server or rendering rig, you’ll be glad for all the extra storage bays here. Most modern PC gaming cases have one or two 3.5″ bays, but you get four of them here, so big storage isn’t going to be an issue for your workstation.

I love the 5.25″ bays too, I just don’t see them often enough these days. If you want something like an optical bay, your choices are pretty limited on many modern cases.

Behind the motherboard, it’s all pretty straightforward here too. There’s a modest amount of space for routing cables, but overall, you’ll likely need to bundle excess cables behind the PSU at the bottom of the case.

There are a few fittings dotted around, allowing you to secure cables with cable ties.

And the routing holes are all located in reasonable places to make the build process nice and easy.

Finally, a quick look at those lovely side panels. Not only do they feel nice and durable, they’re also bulked up with the noise dampening material. This will soak up higher frequency noises, and also help dampen any unwanted vibrations in the case, greatly reducing the overall noise levels.

Of course, there was even more of this material tucked into the front panel door also. Now, onto the build!

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