Jurassic Dream – A Jurassic Park Experience Made in CryEngine

I think many would agree that despite the franchise being over 25-years old now, we have still yet to see a truly great game based on Jurassic Park. Oh sure, we’ve come close on a few occasions. Going way back when, the SNES version of the game was alright, albeit lacking the hugely important requirement of a save feature. A rather annoying omission for a game that could take anything up to 20 hours (in a casual setting) to complete in a single sitting. Even more recently Jurassic World Evolution (the theme park simulator game) was very solid, albeit just a little lacking for me.

Following the official reveal of Jurassic Dream, however, we may have our closest attempt yet at a ‘game’ that offers a truly great Jurassic Park experience. Albeit, it had to come via a fan project.

Jurassic Dream is the Jurassic Park Game We Deserve

Jurassic Dream is a fan project created using CryEngine and, to my knowledge, has been put together solely by one person. Namely, LifelessTapir.

As you can see in the video above, however, this is an amazing labor of love and looks absolutely amazing. Yes, there is a downside. There are not any actual dinosaurs in the game. In terms of the presentation, however, I’m more than happy to just explore the park. Better still, you can too… For free!

Where Can I Try It Out?

Jurassic Dream is available to download and ‘play’ on PC now for free. We say play loosely as there isn’t actually much to do. With the level of detail that has gone into this, however, you’re undoubtedly going to be impressed by simply exploring the environment.

Overall, I just can’t help but feel that this release is bittersweet. While it is absolutely stunning for a fan project, it just goes to show what could be achieved if a developer really had a solid swing at this franchise to give us the game it truly deserves!

For more information and to download the game, check out the website here!

What do you think? Are you impressed with this fan game? What has been your favourite Jurassic Park game to date? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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