Just 4.3W Are Needed For Intel’s Newest Celeron and Pentium Bay Trail CPUs

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We all know that Intel are industry-leaders when it comes to power efficient x86 processors. Intel’s Bay Trail platform is certainly no exception to that rule and their latest Bay Trail processors, technically system-on-chips [SOCs], can survive with just 4.3W of power. Of course that’s the rated TDP (Thermal Design Power) so the average power, or ACP [Average CPU power) is undoubtedly much less. The entry level model has 2 cores and 2 threads with a base speed of 1.58GHz and this needs just 4.3W. Pricing starts at $107 which is the same price for all Celeron Bay Trail models. Intel offers the Celeron N2808 as the low power version, the N2840 as the fastest model for lightly threaded form factors and the N2940 for units that can take advantage of four cores: such as budget notebooks or Chromebooks. The solitary Pentium from the bunch costs a hefty $161 but offers the highest frequencies on the CPU and GPU sides as well as having four full cores.

All Intel’s Bay Trail chips are based on the 22nm Silvermont micro-architecture. Expect to see these new Bay Trail CPUs become very popular in cheap Windows 8.X tablets, notebooks and nettop devices. We’ve already seen Bay Trail start shipping in some Chromebooks and we’ve heard Microsoft talk fairly big about how it will use Bay Trail based notebooks to leverage a price war against Google’s Chromebooks.


Source: CPU-World

Image #1 courtesy of Intel, image #2 courtesy of CPU-World

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