Kabini X4 5110 APU will be AMD’s 28nm top-notch entry-level processor

/ 5 years ago

Kabini is AMD’s next gen Entry level APU which will be replacing the Brazos range of desktop processors. Kabini is to be built on a 28nm manufacturing process and will come in a X-Series and E-Series.


The top model X4 5110 as indicated by Fudzilla will ahve a TDP of only 25w, but there will be some processors with an 18w TDP. The APU uses Jaguar Cores with Direct X 11.1 support and FT3 BGA. The entry level’s Flagship model supports 1866MHz memory and comes with Turbo cores to suit.

It is also being said that to use these APUs you will need a motherboard with the Yangtze FCH Chipset and the onboard GPU would be branded as HD 8310G. AMD would be releasing this in very late Q1 2013 or March, but full production will not go into action until later in June.


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