Kaby Lake Engineering Sample With AMD GPU Spotted

/ 8 months ago

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Over the past couple of months, one of the reports that have been floating around is a Frankenstein AMD/Intel chip. Such a hybrid would combine an Intel CPU with AMD GPU to form a single chip. In addition, other reports stated that Intel may have licenced AMD graphics IP for use in their iGPUs. Last week, those reports may have finally been confirmed when such a Frankenstein chip was spotted.

The chip in question is an engineering sample spotted in SiSoft Sandra. It appears to be an Intel Kaby Lake CPU with a Gen Intel iGPU. At the same time, the also has an AMD GPU ID, the 694C:C0. This same ID is independently confirmed to be an AMD GPU. It is also in the format common to AMD GPUs. This suggests that there is an Intel CPU with both Intel graphics and AMD graphics on the same package.

FrakenApple AMD and Intel Hybrid

So far, Intel has denied any cross-licencing deal with AMD for graphics IP. While we would love to take Intel’s word on this, the evidence says the opposite. The only other option is that Intel and AMD are collaborating on this hybrid chip. One answer that has been floated around is that Apple is flexing their muscle to get their suppliers to work together.

Apple has long used Intel CPUs and has stuck by them even with the launch of Ryzen. At the same time, Apple has also moved to consistently use AMD GPUs. It’s logical that Apple would want Intel and AMD to work together to serve the glorious Mac. In my mind, the most likely possibility is Intel CPU and AMD GPU onto the same package. Apple wants to keep the Intel iGPU, but move the AMD GPU onto the package to save money/power/cooling resources. If the chip is made in this manner, there is not need for any corss licencing really either. Either way, it will be interesting to see if this chip makes it onto the market.

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