Kaspersky Warns Gaming YouTube Channels May Be Getting Overrun With Malware!

It’s not exactly a secret that many people, through dishonest means, will always look to give themselves an advantage in gaming and particularly the online multiplayer aspects of it. – We are, of course, talking about cheaters/cheating.

It seems, however, that if you do actively search or look to engage in such activities, then there are freshly renewed risks about what you might be actually downloading onto your system. – Following a report via TechSpot, Kaspersky has issued an official warning over a noted rise in YouTube channels getting compromised for the specific spreading of malware coming under the guise of trainers or cheating software!

Kaspersky Warns of A Rise in Fake Cheating Software Via YouTube!

Now let me make one point abundantly clear, if you cheat in games, you have literally zero sympathy from me should you download a program and find yourself met with a fat steaming pile of ransomware on your desktop. – What’s happening here, however, does go a little deeper than that.

Kaspersky has noted that a number of YouTube channels have been compromised over the last few months which has resulted in the posting of videos purporting to show (or link) to cheating programs for various popular gaming titles. – This malware, however, is a somewhat unique form of a self-perpetuating kind as when installed on a system, it will look to steal data from the user and, presuming they have a YouTube channel, will then look to either upload another copy of the video or have their account spam links to the malware.

While it’s understood that YouTube has already identified and recovered the known channels affected so far, the bottom line is that users are being strongly advised against downloading anything related to cheating on the platform whether it be in the video, its description, or the comments section. – Then again, when it comes to cheating, I think if you’re willing to play stupid games then you should be prepared to win stupid prizes!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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