Kerbal Space Program to Get First Expansion Called Making History

/ 9 months ago

Kerbal Space Program to Get First Expansion Called Making History

The popular space flight launching simulator Kerbal Space Program is about to get its first ever expansion called Making History, the biggest news from the title ever since its official launch in 2015. It was available in Steam Early Access before that and was initially available for play as early as 2011. The expansion will comprise of two distinct components: the Mission Builder and the History Pack, both providing significant additions to KSP gameplay. The Mission Builder is a set of intuitive drag-and-drop tools that will give players the ability to design and share their own missions while the History Pack is a series of pre-made missions that will recreate historical, real-life missions into space.

Kerbal Space Program to Get First Expansion Called Making History

With these additional missions, the expansion will also add new components that players can use for the game including new sets of fuel tanks, fairings, adapters, decouplers, and command pods. All of which were inspired directly by historical American NASA and Soviet Roscosmos programs.

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Perhaps the best news of all, is that game developer Squad based out of Mexico City, is keeping with their promise that every update and expansion to Kerbal Space Program will be completely free of charge for those who bought the game before the end of April 2013, which were the early adopters.

“So given that this was a point of confusion, and that we believe that no matter what, a promise is a promise, we are including Expansions in what you can expect to get for free if you have already bought the game. Also, for those considering purchasing the game, we will maintain this promise for all purchases made until the end of this month (April, 2013).”

No release date or pricing has been confirmed yet.

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  1. pf3 says:

    Man, that cutoff date for free DLC bums me out. I missed it by a couple weeks, I thought I was an early adopter.

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