KFA2 Reveal GeForce GTX 770 LTD OC

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KFA2 are Galaxy’s European sub-brand so their cards are very often identical to Galaxy equivalents except with some funky KFA2 stickers. KFA2 have just launched the GTX 770 LTD OC graphics card which is fully white. This is one of KFA2’s unique selling points that they can offer white PCBs and coolers when everyone else is offering only black.


The KFA2 GTX 770 LTD OC uses triple 92mm fans and overclocked speeds of 1202MHz core and 1254MHz GPU boost. It has 2GB of GDDR5 memory and a revised “GK104-425” GPU that is essentially a more optimised version of the GTX 680 GK104 GPU. The memory clock is at the stock 7010MHz. Display outputs include one display port and three mini-HDMI ports. Dual 8 pin PCIe connectors deliver the power for a card with a maximum TDP of 300W.

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The KFA2 GTX 770 LTD OC has been listed for €424.90 (including taxes) over at Caseking and £359.99 (including taxes) at Overclockers UK. This makes it about 10-15% more expensive than the cheapest GTX 770s on the market currently.

Images courtesy of KFA2, Via Chiploco

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One Response to “KFA2 Reveal GeForce GTX 770 LTD OC”
  1. Wayne says:

    Oooh I like this. If you get one in for testing don’t you wanna swap it for my Gigabyte Windforce 3 GTX 770 when you’re done? (just kidding). If one came my way for testing I’d have to return it when I’m done.

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