KFC Puts a Printer in its Chicken Bucket

/ 2 years ago

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The brains behind KFC’s masterworks, the ketosis-inducing Double Down and the Zinger Tower burger, the perfect nightcap to an evening on the ale – not to mention the Colonel’s secret blend of eleven herbs and spices (I’ve worked out at least eight of them. Anyone with inside knowledge, please help me out in the comments) – has developed a marvel to be included in that famous bucket, alongside the mountain of fried chicken. Yes, KFC has put a printer in a bucket.

To celebrate the 60th year of KFC’s presence in Canada, the fast food chain has launched the Memories Bucket. If your fingers are not too grease-tastic, you can send photos from your smartphone to the bucket, which will then print them out for you.

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KFC is yet to reveal if the Memories Bucket will be made available for mainstream release, but it is to be assumed that it will be available in select Canadian restaurants during the 60th Anniversary celebrations.

Yum! Brands, the owner of both KFC and Pizza Hut, pulled a similar trick with the latter only last month, introducing a Pizza Hut pizza box that could be converted into a digital film projector. It seems the company has quite a taste for making its ephemera multi-purpose.

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