Kickstarter Gone Crazy? Man Raises $35000 (And Rising) For Potato Salad

/ 3 years ago


If you thought KickStarter could raise money for just about anything, then you’d be right. The latest project simply called Potato Salad was started by Zack Danger Brown with the intention of raising $10 to make himself his first potato salad. The mock campaign started off as a bit of a joke, maybe to prove a point about KickStarter, but now it has escalated to over $35,000 (and rising) of funding. 3294 backers have got behind the project (at the time of writing) and it still has 25 days to go. The project has quickly escalated to offering T-Shirts, recipe books, hats and more. Call it another case of “internet sensationalism” or just call it plain stupid, either way Zack is one lucky guy because I’m pretty damn sure that no amount of potato salad is going to cost him $35,000 to make!

Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet….It might not be that good. It’s my first potato salad.” Reads the project description.

Source: KickStarter

Image courtesy of Zack Danger Brown (KickStarter)

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  1. Flenix says:

    This one is better. And it’s totally not mine, the name is a coincidence, honest!

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