Kickstarter Project Leads To Word’s Cheapest 3D Printer Tagged at Under $200

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The 3D printer hype has not burt out yet, and yes, the 3D revolution is still making substantial progress. The problem was that, unlike the LEGO version, no 3D printer was cheap enough for everyone to afford. The solution however may have presented itself.

A Kickstarter project claimed the title of the world’s cheapest 3D printer. The printer is called QU-DB, short for Quintessential Universal Building Device, and it costs only $199. Initially, the project started with a target of raising $9,000 in order to get the company up and running smoothly. Surprisingly, the project received more than expected.

With over 1,400 backers, the QU-DB raised over $400,000 in the crowd-funding campaign and has even made a few other versions of the 3D printer kit. Currently, the small company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is dealing with shipping the printers to the crowd-funding backers while preparing to take new orders and hopefully start delivering them next month.

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The company stated that the key for keeping the price down is that the printer comes unassembled. This is not a huge drawback and moreover, it also makes room for modifications of the basic unit, including a heated bed, increased production area and the addition of ‘pretty bright colors’ to the frame.

This is quite a big step in a fairly small amount of time to go from a family owned company to a manufacturer of a low-cost, ready-to-assemble home 3D printer company. However, 3D printer enthusiasts might be overjoyed over the fact that they can now own their own personal 3D printer for as low as $199.

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One Response to “Kickstarter Project Leads To Word’s Cheapest 3D Printer Tagged at Under $200”
  1. Rinat Abdrashitov says:

    The company “Quintessential Universal Building Device” (QU-BD) is simply quintessential universal fraudsters, they just taking money and do nothing (after 4 months of estimated delivery date they are answering about how great they work to resolve “??some??” problems). When you probably will have lost your patience and will ask them to return your money, they will send you a fake Tracking Number ( but accidentally will have happened, you will know if you will check, that USP didn’t heard anything about the shipment and the number is just electronic notification, it isn’t the real shipment). A bit after, they will “forget” answering to your messages, they simply will do nothing, do not send money backward or a 3d printer ….. Just a clear fraud….
    (Order: #005681 was placed on 03/3/2014)

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