Kid Attacks Mother For Unplugging His PS3, Judge Bans Him From Gaming

/ 5 years ago


Racine County in Wisconsin has just had a very unique court ruling. The local judge has banned 17 year old Jeffrey Ehlers from playing video games after he launched an attack on his mother.

Jeffrey is said to have been raging and swearing at the game he was playing (unknown which game), his mother indicated that he should stop and when he failed to listen she unplugged the console. At this point Jeffrey attacked him mother for unplugging his console.

Not only has the judge banned him from playing video games, but he was also tried as an adult and charged with disorderly conduct. If Ehlers is convicted then he could face up to 90 days in prison for his actions.

Do you think this is fair? Personally I think it’s pretty fair, but we’d love to hear what you think of this unique court ruling.


Thank you PCGMedia for providing us with this information.

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20 Responses to “Kid Attacks Mother For Unplugging His PS3, Judge Bans Him From Gaming”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    How could anyone attack their mother? I think 90 days in the big house is unfair, it should be more like 90 years WHEN convicted. Worthless piece of humanity.

    • Ittybumpkin says:

      I would hit my mother in the face in a heartbeat. She abused me for the first 13 years of my life until I was thankfully adopted and have not had to see her in almost two decades now. It baffles me that family gets put on such a pedestal by some people, families are like everything else in life, sometimes there are bad ones, just because you had a good one does not mean everyone else did. This kid was a spoiled brat and deserves his punishment, but it is stupid to imply that it is never okay to hit ones mother. In most circumstances, this may be true, but not it is not always the case.

      • Skidmarks says:

        This is a sad fact of life and I do feel sorry for you. On the other hand I came from a very loving family and I extend that to my own family so I cannot relate to what you had to go through. I really hope you are much happier now & leading a fulfilling life. My wish is that every child is given a good start in life although I’m not naive enough to believe it’s possible. I wish you the very best for the future.

  2. bobben says:

    im not even from america (ausfag) and i absolutely think he should he should get the 90 days, or atleast bitch slapped for acting like that over a game

  3. Jeff Ward says:

    I am getting tired of people like this.. He is the reason gamers are getting a bad name. If this keeps going we will all be branded as potential serial killers.

    • patrick kanne says:

      anyone coming up with this kind of STUPID (gamers are potential serial killers) should consider the sheer amount of gamers out there. If this were even remotely true there’d already be wholesale slaughter of non-gamers going on.

      But it’s easier to blame the games then to actually look at society and our place in it. It’s a cheap cop-out that tells volumes about the persons making such statements (not you Jeff ;))

    • Phil Deakin says:

      Branding gamers as potential serial killers is a stupid (yeah I know the media is the definition of stupid) thing to do , it would be like branding all men as rapists as they have the equipment to do so……… and people wonder why i prefer animals over people.

  4. George Gourlay says:

    I totally agree with the judge on this, also with the permission of the boys parents he should have been ordered to sledgehammer the PS3. The little runt should have his ass kicked up and down the street for lifting a hand to his mother..

  5. patrick kanne says:

    I’ll just refrain from any form of judgement since I don’t know the whole story.

    But considering the way a lot of parents go about treating games in general there might be reasons why he went off like he did. I bet two months of salary that if he was as fanatic in sports as he obviously is in games this wouldn’t be a problem.

    And that is your problem right there: if sports and in a team it would be clear for said boy when the next game was, when practice was and how to go about mixing normal life, school and his hobby. But since none of these rules apply many of these kids have no idea when they have another chance at finishing a level/game/run. Hence the moment they DO get to play are treasured beyond reason.

    I, as a gamer myself, have clear rules when there’s going to be gaming and not for my kids. And I also help them set goals, choose the type of games which they play when and teach them the nuts and bolts of what the games are about and how they relate to the real world (and the real world to the games). This IMO is FAR more constructive then nagging about the time they DO get to play.

    As for the swearing: this is not a problem relating to the game(s). This is a problem in education and parenting. From where I’m standing, unplugging the game for swearing at the game is too little too late. Chances are swearing was already a norm before the game even came into question.. Add to that the violence used against his mum, I think there are far more pressing issues with said boy and his upbringing then this incident. Focusing on his gaming is NOT going to help and I honestly think the judge missed out on an opportunity to help out here.

    And putting this kid in jail is surely going to compound his issues and is not, in any way shape or form, going to help ANYONE.

    But like I stated above, I don’t know the situation so any and all opinionated text I put in here should be taken as such: opinionated and ill informed.

  6. Pravin says:

    The offender has no age and I feel that such type of offenders should be given severest punishment.

  7. Plagen says:

    As a gamer, this story pisses me off, for numerous reasons. First of all, a fair amount of people who are gamers yell at the game they are playing, especially if it is something like COD, where you are versing other people. I myself do it. That being said, I can separate reality from gaming and know the bounds of right and wrong. People who can’t are a minority, and would eventually fly off the handle even without video games.

    Next, can the judge really BAN him from video games? Is that not overstepping his bounds? It would be like banning someone from reading books, watching television, or painting pictures. It is complete insanity. (Was the guy who shot John Lenin banned from reading? No, and that was murder.)

    What was the “attack” on his mother? Did he just start verbally assaulting her, did he just slap her, or did he beat the shit out of her? The only reason I could see this being a horrible crime is if he beat her. Slap her, ok, as long as it was only once. Yelling at her, ok. But, if she wasn’t beaten, what the hell?

    And that leads me to my last point. What kind of parents would raise charges against their own child, whom they are tasked with teaching and protecting? This whole story reeks of poor parenting. Someone should start a petition to get him unbanned, just for the sake of things.

    • anonymous says:

      are you actually this stupid, or you are just trying to be?

    • Samantha says:

      It is never “okay” to hit your parent, regardless of the situation. There are more civil ways to get your point across. And just because this child lacks the most basic etiquette of all time–don’t attack your mother–does not mean we should immediately jump down the mother’s throat and accuse her of bad parenting. Did she throw a number of objects at him? No. Was she raging in his face? No. Did she dare to raise a hand at him? God, no. And I’m glad she didn’t, because this would be a completely different article if she did. Mr. Jeffery got exactly what he deserved, and it’s not the fault of his mother that he needed a judge to enforce what she was already trying to teach him. He is 17 years old. Regardless of his past, he is old enough to think for himself. Unfortunately, he can’t do that because he has an unhealthy addiction to video games. His mother did exactly what needed to be done. Sometimes an intervention is necessary; it is the response of someone who actually cares.

      • Ittybumpkin says:

        Incorrect, there are certainly times when it is okay to hit your parent. As someone who was physically abused I find your statement to be extremely ignorant and as you give it as advice, it is borderline negligent. Sometimes the best way to deal with a bully, and an abusive parent is certainly a bully, is to fight back. As for this kid, yes he did overreact and his mother was trying to help him. He deserves to be punished and should probably be kept away from video games. As far as the punishment holding up, not sure that it would under a challenge or review. Judge may be overstepping his bounds even if he is trying to help the kid. It also is socially bad since it will create a linked causation in most peoples minds that video games cause violence and that is why the judge banned it. The reality would more closely be stated as addiction causes violence and his mother cut off his addiction. A better course of action would be addiction treatment, same thing they do for drug offenders.

        • Samantha says:

          As someone who was also physically abused, I find your criticism completely unnecessary. Fighting back does not help every child. I can attest to that. Regardless, this is not about abusing children. As for addiction therapy, I agree with you. But we can only hope that this kid’s mother is smart enough to do right by her child and get him the help he needs. I still don’t blame her for calling the cops when she felt threatened, and she certainly couldn’t control the judge’s verdict.

      • patrick kanne says:

        “because he has an unhealthy addiction to video games”

        And that, ofcourse, has nothing at all to do with bad parenting… Oh, wait.. IT DOES…

        • Samantha says:

          Then tell me, how could a parent possess the power to cause an addition? You can tell a child when to go to bed, but that doesn’t mean they will fall asleep. You can tell them to eat their vegetables, but you can’t shove them down their throat. (Seriously, who would do that?) You can be someone’s Jiminy Cricket for so long, but eventually that person is going to grow up and be themselves. It’s ridiculous to accuse the mother of bad parenting here, and it is equally ridiculous to blame his addiction on anyone but himself. (Also, in case you were wondering, I realize that some people are born genetically susceptible to certain addictions/disorders. In those cases alone, I would not directly blame them.)

          • patrick kanne says:

            Scroll down a bit to my initial response. There is a LOT you can do as a parent to prevent or channel this. There is NO excuse for a parent to have their kids live in a seperate world from them, If you choose to ignore what your kid is doing behind a computer, as so many parents do, then you missed the chance of being a very large part of your kids life.And your kid will know this and act accordingly.

            As to the swearing. She should have stopped it the moment he started. Waaaay before he even started playing. Pussying out on your role as a parent is a really REALLY weak excuse.

  8. tzaar0723 says:

    Kudos to this judge.

    You live in your parents’ home, you abide by their rules. Period. Raising your hand to or even threatening a parent should never be tolerated in my opinion. In this case (and I am also a gamer) the punishment fit the crime. Hopefully they get this kid some counselling as well.

  9. Ewan Smith says:

    I think it’s pretty fitting. Video games do not cause violence, addiction does. And that is why this sentence makes sense. Any addiction causes violence, so to stop the violence, you need to break the addiction. If he had attacked his mother while drunk, and ban from drinking and curfew would be fair, if it was while on drugs, it would make sense for a curfew to be imposed and for him to be sent to rehab. The ban was just another way to break his addiction. GTA won’t make you any more violent than Minecraft or World of Warcraft, but an addiction to any of them is equally dangerous. A woman killed her baby over fucking FARMVILLE, so which game makes no difference.

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