Kim Dotcom Reaches #1 On The Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaderboard

/ 4 years ago


Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now shutdown Megaupload (MU), has hit the top of the Call of Duty leader board for the second time. Previously when the third edition of Activision’s Modern Warfare series was released, Kim Dotcom hit number 1 on the leader board for score within a few weeks and vigorously defended his title through the next year until the next game was released.

Kit Dotcom released a picture via Twitter taken by himself of the new Call of Duty: Ghosts leader board, showing him at number 1. His KD/R (kill death ratio) isn’t that impressive and may be slightly dwindled by the fact that Dotcom had to endure a 20 hour marathon session of the game before hitting number 1.

The only way that Dotcom could have possibly reached number 1 without an impressively (and almost hacker-esque) KD/R is by constantly playing the objective and utilising Call of Duty: Ghost’s score streaks to build up his points per game, meaning that even though he may not be able to play a competitive level, he’s an amazing team player and can actually aim whilst doing so.

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It should be noted that Dotcom could easily be beaten in a communicated team game due to his degree of skill compared to professional players, but he’s still an amazing team mate to have in your lobby and you should be proud to guard him as he sprints for those flags!

Have you tried the COD: Ghosts? How was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks to KitGuru for the information and image!

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  • Samuel Park

    Too bad Ghosts is an absolutely garbage game.

    • samuel fukc

      garbage huh? have you created a much better game than dat… oh well… i think your playin fb games in your crappy rig

      • Samuel Park

        I guess TB must have a crappy rig as well

      • GH0ST_SE7EN

        Dude, learn to capitalize and use punctuation. I am more dumb now because of your post.

      • Dan

        “dat brain of urs must be so mutch fun to haff cause…” I’m cracking the fuck up over here @ how naive you are lol

      • Šimon Leška

        Well…. if you use your brain a bit more, you will realise that the only reason why COD: Ghosts exist is to milk some money from customers by recycling everything from previous titles, even the ending scene. It is a piece of shit.

  • Skidmarks

    I have it but I won’t be playing it, same as BF4. They’re only for testing & benchmarking, besides I’m no fan of either franchise.

  • mertunz

    he’s a gamer too?

  • playingbettergames

    to bad the game fails at everything

  • jman87

    Best cod since modern warfare.. The ratings for ghosts makes me lose faith in people’s ability to know a good game from bad, and not trust reviews whatsoever