Kim Dotcom states he will never end up in a US prison

/ 5 years ago

“I will never be in a prison in the U.S., I can guarantee you that.” These are the words that file sharing service Mega’s founder (and also the former Megaupload) used whilst appearing virtually at the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas earlier this week. The known figure appeared at the conference via Skype to discuss his current battles with the US government over piracy.

He added to his statement that he will never be locked up stating that he “doesn’t expect the Obama Administration a predator drone over to his mansion either”. Dotcom is a man that is wanted heavily by the US government that he fled from months ago and currently resides in New Zealand, however this has not stopped the US trying to get him back for a face-to-face trail. His latest battle has been to fight a motion to extradite him back to US soil where he would face trail for piracy, although this motion was overturned giving Dotcom another victory to celebrate.

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According to a recent study based on the closure of Megaupload, movie sales globally saw a boost following the closure of the former file sharing site, however Dotcom claims the research is not conclusive. He made a note that because the research was undertaken by the MPAA, their studies were as reliable as “a study from the tobacco lobby on the health effects of smoking.”

Kim later on went to reveal at the conference that he is looking to add another service to his collection called Megabox. This is to be his disruptive music service and hopes to launch it within the next six months. He believes that his own music service will reduce the amount of piracy that appears in the industry and it should give the music artists the credit and money for their work that they are entitled to.

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One Response to “Kim Dotcom states he will never end up in a US prison”
  1. Wayne says:

    Oh they’ll get him sooner or later, of that there’s no doubt. If he commits suicide then all bets are off.

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