Kim Dotcom to sue New Zealand Spies and NZ Police

/ 5 years ago

Oh you know what they say about Karma!! A 16-page ruling was made by a High Court that New Zealand’s spy Agency, and Government Communications Security Bureau, will have to reveal details of their surveillance of Kim Dotcom. His mansion in NZ was illegally raided this January gone and since then he has been fighting and accused that the warrants were invalid and were carried out with excessive force.

The judge also granted discovery of documents relating to a previous past surveillance operation and said that the agency must hand over any information including  agreements that were made with the local police and U.S. Authorities. Not only that, but Kim Dotcom and his co-defendants were also given permission to even claim damages against both the spy agency and the police.

Kim Dotcom tweeted – : Lets see about US involvement in illegal GCSB spying on New Zealand residents. The truth will come out, in court.

Source: TorrentFreak 



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