King of the Hill is Officially Coming Back!

For around 4 years there have been a number of rumours about the possible return of the iconic animated series ‘King of the Hill‘. Now, given that I absolutely adored all 13 seasons of the original run, while I was hopeful that this could happen, more often than not I suspected that this was probably going to end up being all smoke and no fire.

And yes, I’m still exceptionally bitter about King of the Hill being cancelled to make way for just 4 mediocre seasons of The Cleveland Show.

Following a report via Deadline, however, I have some exceptionally fantastic news. Yes, following an announcement from streaming platform Hulu, King of the Hill is officially set to make a return to our screens!

King of the Hill is Coming Back

Now, while the announcement has been made, I should pour a little cold water over this by saying that all that has been confirmed is that King of the Hill’s return has been commissioned. While there will undoubtedly already be scripts and storyboards in place, however, this still needs to be, you know, actually animated and voiced.

Speaking of voices though, in something which is typically rare for any program after such a long hiatus, all of the original cast will be returning except for, somewhat sadly, Luanne and Lucky due to their actual voice actors having passed away since King of the Hill was cancelled.

What can we expect from the show though? Well, I suspect that it’s basically going to pretend that the last 13 years since the show was canned didn’t exist. In other words, while it will pick itself up in 202X, Bobby Hill will still be a young boy telling people that that’s his purse, he doesn’t know you, then promptly kicking you in the testicles. As noted above though, it will be interesting to see how Luanne and Lucky are handled. It would seem somewhat unusually off-beat and brutal for them to have their deaths canonised in the series. And finding new voice actors? Pfft, not a chance!

What do you think though? Are you excited to see King of the Hill’s return (I dang well are!) – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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