KINGMAX Launches the MMP20 mSATA SSD

/ 5 years ago

KINGMAX, recently launched the mSATA SSD MMP20; convenient for users making heir own hybrid disk (HDD+SSD), but also suitable for small form factor systems. KINGMAX SSD features “Premium Selected” quality; all flash ICs are strictly screened and the whole SSD is 100% tested before shipping.

For many notebook users, it sounds appealing to upgrade a system with an SSD; however, it might compromise capacity or overspend when replacing original HDD by a 2.5″ SSD. The KINGMAX MMP20 mSATA hopes to reconcile this dilemma. It can be directly installed inside a notebook on a Mini PCI-E slot. Using mSATA SSD as a system disk and keeping original HDD allows the “Hybrid Disk” to have qualities of fast booting, high performance and large capacity.

In addition, mSATA SSD is becoming economic storage for system upgrade in mainstream PC market since Z68 or Z77 motherboards support Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT). Intel SRT is an Intel Rapid Storage Technology caching feature; it allows a user to configure computer systems with an SSD used as cache memory between the hard disk and the system memory. Installing the KINGMAX MMP20 mSATA SSD with a HDD, the user is able to keep maximum storage capacity and SSD-like overall system performance; it is no doubt a smart and cost-efficient way to upgrade system.

The KINGMAX mSATA SSD MMP20 is compact and light; compliant with JEDEC MO-300B, it is not only applicable for notebook and desktop systems, but also very suitable for small form factor and embedded systems, such as tablets. MMP20 adopts SATA II 3 Gb/s interface and equips with a powerful controller which optimizes the flash memory management to maximize system reliability and performance.

KINGMAX MMP20 meets RoHS regulations (Restriction of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical and electronic equipment) and was certified CE and FCC. Moreover, all KINGMAX products have been 100% tested under strict quality control system to meet all requirements before shipping. The KINGMAX product warranty service ensures premium product quality and customer services.


  • High speed and economic storage for easy system upgrade.
  • Support Intel Smart Response Technology
  • Compliant with JEDEC MO-300B standard, suitable for notebook, desktop, small form factor system and embedded system
  • Light and compact size
  • Low power consumption


  • Capacity: 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB/128 GB
  • Interface: SATAII 3 Gb/s
  • Dimension: 50.8 mm (L) x 29.85 mm (W) x 4.75 mm (H)
  • Voltage: DC 3.3V +/-5%
  • Weight: 7 g

Sequential Speed:

16 GB Read: Up to 70 MB/s Write: Up to 22 MB/s
32 GB Read: Up to 125 MB/s Write: Up to 40 MB/s
64 GB Read: Up to 150 MB/s Write: Up to 70 MB/s
128 GB Read: Up to 150 MB/s Write: Up to 120 MB/s


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