Kingston HyperX DDR3 1800MHz 4GB Dual Channel Kit

/ 7 years ago


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Kingston are regarded as one of the biggest manufacturers of memory based products today and aim to cater for all types of systems from the likes of AMD and Intel, whether it be for the low-end market, high-end gamers or enthusiast/overclocking markets. They do it all.

Kingston has sent us one of their HyperX 1800MHz memory module kits to look at. It’s a dual channel kit which operates at 1800MHz with a CAS latency of 9 and whilst this doesn’t sound like anything too spectacular, this memory kit is made for stability and compatibility across all platforms.

[HR][/HR] Type: DDR3
Rated Speed: PC3-14400
Speed: 1800MHz
Size: 4GB (2x2GB)
Latency: 9-9-9-27
Voltage: 1.7-1.9V
Heatspreaders: Blue
Warranty – Lifetime


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