Kingston sets new memory frequency record DDR3-3600

/ 6 years ago

Not that along ago we had the news that Corsair had broken a world record in RAM frequency at a staggering 3467MHz using a 990FX Bulldozer system. Now comes the news that Kingston has broken this record with an even higher score of 3600MHz on another Bulldozer system. The use of a single Kingston  HyperX module was required to get  to the record breaking frequency which was paired with an FX-8150 8 core Bulldozer CPU and an ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula motherboard.

The HyperX module used was only 1GB in density whilst using quite slack timings of 10-13-13-31. The module was cooled with Liquid Nitrogen in order to reach those ultra high frequencies.

Source: MyDrivers

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