Kingston to cut prices on NAND-Flash based products

/ 6 years ago

Memory giant Kingston is reportedly planning a reduction in prices across its NAND Flash based products. This includes a substantial spectrum of Kingston’s products such as memory cards, USB flash drives and Solid state drives.

Kingston will reportedly cut prices by as much as 15 percent. Responding to a DigiTimes report, Kingston said that it is adjusting its NAND flash product pricing to coordinate with the rest of the industry to shift towards more advanced processes, and that it wants to enhance its presence in the NAND flash market. In other words, Kingston is clearing its inventory to make way for newer, more advanced technology.

So finally some good news in the way of prices for consumers. If prices on NAND flash continue to drop we could see SSDs becoming increasingly competitive against mechanical hard drives particularly in the wake of the hard drive crisis last year which caused hard drive prices to soar.

Source: DigiTimes

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