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Kioxia Exceria SSD Roundup Review

Kioxia, formerly known as Toshiba Storage, has a list of new drives on the market and today I’m taking a little look at three of them. The Exceria NVMe SSD with 1TB, the Exceria Plus NVMe SSD with 2TB, and the Exceria SATA SSD with 960GB capacity.

Kioxia Exceria SSD

With the three SSDs I’m having here in the office today, there is one for every kind of need.

The Exceria SATA SSD is perfect for those who wish to upgrade from the old mechanical HDD and have systems which only support SATA drives. It is also a cheaper alternative than an NVMe Drive. Capacity wise, we have the option of 240GB, 480GB, or 960GB.

With the Exceria NVMe SSD, we step it up a notch and enter the faster area of storage. The M.2 module features faster performance and next-generation form factor. The performance is over three times the SATA SSD and it is available with 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacity.

The best of the three is the Exceria Plus which is aimed at enthusiasts and gamers. It delivers the best performance it can with a PCIe 3.0 interface and offers more capacity. With up to 3400MB/s performance and almost 700K IOPS, the drive is fast. It also comes with bigger capacity options as it is available with 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacity.

All three drives are built with BiCS TLC NAND and are supported by the Kioxia SSD Utility.

Specification Comparison

The feature highlights of the three drives can be seen here, but we will go into more details on the next couple of pages.

Package and Accessories

The three drives come in very similar packaging. The front has an image of the included drive along with the brand, interface, and capacity information.

The rear side has a little more informtation, but not a lot. But we do find features and form factor information as well as the details in regard to the warranty. At the bottom, there’s a sticker with the serial and product numbers as well as the production dates.

Inside each box, you’ll find the drive as well as a quick installation guide for the drive. The NVMe options also have a small note on how to get the drive out of the packaging the easiest way.

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