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According to an article on Design & Trend, the Kojima Productions Facebook page is official dead and gone, leaving only a grim reminder in the form of a Facebook display messaging reading “Facebook account migration announcement”. With the recent confirmation by Konami that the Silent Hills title had been cancelled with Kojima’s departure, Hideo Kojima’s fanbase is left to wonder what the future holds for the prominent Game Designer and any future projects he may have in store. To read more on the mysterious disappearance of the Kojima Productions Facebook page, you can read up on the Design & Trend article here.

Despite the unfortunate events pertaining to Kojima and the Silent Hills game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been given a console release date of September 1st, 2015, as shown on the game’s main site within the Konami portal, and pre-orders have opened up. Although not available for pre-order yet, information on a Collector’s Edition has been released showing a splash of all of its contents and for $99.99 the deal seems almost too good to be true with the inclusion of a half-scale replica of Snake’s bionic arm!

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While a PC release date has yet to appear, pre-orders for the console versions have rocketed up to fifth place in Global Units Sold in the USA with 134,000 units sold, according to this list on vgchartz.com. Considering the number of controversies surrounding the value of Ground Zeroes, Kojima leaving Konami, and prominent voice actor David Hayter’s lack of a role in the game, the metric seems quite optimistic. Gamers speak with their dollars and in this case, the money is on a successful addition to the franchise.



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