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Kojima Productions Wants ‘Best-in-Class’ Game Dev Talent

At the time of writing, we know that Kojima Productions is working on at least one yet undisclosed gaming title. While many are hoping that this will be a long-overdue return to horror for Hideo Kojima, it is also entirely possible that it could be a sequel to the excellent (but admittedly divisive) Death Stranding.

If you did, however, need confirmation that more title/s were in the works, then following an official Twitter announcement, Kojima Productions has confirmed that they are actively on the hunt for new, fresh, and ‘best in class’ talent to join their development team!

Kojima Productions Seeks ‘Best In Class’ Game Dev Talent

As above, we should note that nobody knows exactly what Kojima Productions is working on next and while Hideo Kojima (and Norman Reedus) have dropped a few hints that a Death Stranding sequel may be at least under consideration, the overwhelming vibes we seem to be getting is that a horror title is, very specifically, next on the agenda.

With them actively looking to hire some of the apparently best development staff in the world, however, it seems pretty clear that whatever they are planning, it’s going to be pretty ambitious. Not that we, incidentally, expected anything less from Hideo Kojima.

When Will We Know More?

Whatever is currently in the pipeline for Kojima Production is undoubtedly being created with next-generation consoles in mind and, based on the history seen with Death Stranding, we perhaps shouldn’t be too surprised if whatever they did launch next initially arrived initially as a PS5 exclusive. Albeit, with Death Stranding seeing an excellent PC port earlier this year, there is hope that it may also come to those users too… eventually.

As for when we will find out what’s officially next for Kojima Productions… Well, we’ve (sadly) just got to wait until they’re ready to tell us. Rest assured though, it seems abundantly clear that whatever it is, they’re pushing the development boat out big time with this release!

What do you think? Which would you prefer to see? A Death Stranding sequel or a brand new horror title? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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