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Konami (Accidentally?) Sparks New Silent Hill Hype!

It’s been rumored for a few months now that Konami may be secretly working on a brand new addition to the Silent Hill franchise. While there is a total lack of any news confirming this, it seems that their Twitter account may have (inadvertently?) sparked a fresh wave of ‘confirmation imminent’ rumors.

Silent Hill Announcement?!

The original post was simply the ‘air raid’ siren from the game. With the somewhat ambiguous message provided with it, however, masses of people were putting 2 and 2 together and, apparently, coming up with five. Namely, thinking this was a teaser for an upcoming announcement! It even got so bad that Konami posted an (unintended?) follow-up confirming that there was no big Silent Hill news coming.

They were, instead, showing a little love for Dead by Daylight which, you may know, recently added a Silent Hill DLC pack.

‘We’re Sorry’!

In a 2nd follow-up post, Konami apologized for causing any unintentional hype surround Silent Hill, but did (sadly) confirm that there was no major announcement regarding the game franchise in the pipeline. Still, it did make things briefly a little hopeful that something would happen and, who knows, if they don’t have anything currently in development, the reaction they got may be the ‘kick in the pants’ they needed to show that fans really, really, want another Silent Hill.

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Mike Sanders

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