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Konami Confirms MGS5 PS3 Nuclear Disarmament Was a Hoax!

Despite the fact that Metal Gear Solid V is over 5 years old now, there was some pretty exciting news surrounding it back in June when it had been revealed that in regards to the PS3 online version, users (of that very specific release) had seemingly achieved the unthinkable. Namely, that every single nuclear bomb in the game had been disarmed.

Well, sadly, it seems that after an investigation, Konami has posted on their social media that although the cutscene was triggered, it wasn’t legitimately achieved. In fact, by the sounds of it, Konami seems to be saying that somebody hacked their server to fake it.

Konami Confirms MGSV Nuclear Disarmament Was Fake!

For those of you not aware of this ‘event’, let me give you a little backstory. Hideo Kojima placed a cutscene within Metal Gear Solid V as an update roughly 8 months after the game initially came out. The specific video, however, was only set to be triggered if every single online player in that particular version (be it PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, etc.) removed all nuclear bombs from their bases.

Now, given that having these nuclear bombs acts as a deterrent to other players (specifically to not attack you for your resources), having each and every one of them removed was a very fanciful thought. In fact, many speculated that Hideo Kojima added the cutscene as something of a rather disturbing reflection of the real world and, somewhat counterintuitively, it was simply never meant to be unlocked. – Despite that, however, this wasn’t the first time that the cutscene was accidentally (and incorrectly) triggered in the game. For example, a Konami server ‘reset’ error did see the cutscene accidentally play for PC users back in early 2018. I know this because I just happened to be playing the game at the time and wondered what the hell was going on when I loaded into it.

Sadly though, this time around, reading between the lines of what Konami is saying here, it sounds that rather than the PS3 community coming together to achieve something truly remarkable, one user instead found the means to hack or manipulate the server information. – Put simply, even 5 years on, this cutscene has still not been legitimately unlocked.

Will it Happen?

When the news surrounding the PS3 achievement was revealed, there was something about it at the time that, while incredibly impressive, made it seem reasonably plausible. I mean, how many people could still be playing that version of the game online? – In other words, a strong community effort to remove nuclear bombs (either by collaboration or force) did and still does seem possible for what must surely be a very limited user base these days.

Will it ever be legitimately achieved though? Well, while I sadly have my doubts, the power of gamers coming together should never be underestimated! For the moment, however, Konami has thrown a damp towel over what could’ve potentially been one of the most exciting gaming achievements of 2020.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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