Konami Quits AAA Console Game Development But PES Survives

/ 2 years ago


The vociferous public arguments between Konami and Hideo Kojima angered passionate Metal Gear Solid fans and turned Konami into a laughing stock, with memes and edited press images. According to GameBlog.fr, Konami’s new management isn’t interested in the console market whatsoever and barring PES, there won’t be any new titles. This isn’t surprising given the huge growth in mobile gaming throughout Konami’s home region of Japan. Puzzle games are huge over there and consoles are beginning to become a niche outlet.

Also, Konami is looking after their own financial interests and AAA game development in 2015 is unbelievably expensive. This is due to the increased graphical fidelity, improved art-assets and high-quality voice acting. Perhaps, Konami feels there’s no need to take any monetary risks and easily make money in the mobile sector. It’s unknown if Konami’s attitude will change in the future but I wouldn’t expect any console games except Winning Eleven/PES. This means no Metal Gear Solid, and no Castlevania. In recent years, the number of titles Konami released was fairly sporadic.

Konami’s main business and money-maker revolves around Pachinko machines. These are a form or recreational arcade machines in a public place and at the center of Japanese gambling. By law, you can’t acquire money from gambling in Japan, but Pachinko machines output balls which can be exchanged for prizes or tokens. Once collected, the tokens can be swapped for money outside of the gambling section.

Thank you GameBlog.fr for providing us with this information. 

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