Koolance Radeon R9 290X Water Block Released

/ 4 years ago


Koolance has announced its own Radeon R9 290X-compatible full-cover water block, the VID-AR290X. Based on nickel-plated copper with clear acrylic and opaque acetal covers, the new VID-AR290X water block is designed to keep the chips (GPU, memory and the VRM) at a reasonable temperature for overclockers to play around with it and push their cards to the limit.

With the R9 290 chipset we are most likely looking at the same PCB design, the VID-AR290X water block from Koolance should be compatible with that graphics card as well. Featuring nickel-plated copper primary block, nickel-plated brass fittings and stainless steel bolts as well as the clear acrylic and opaque acetal covers, the new VID-AR290X will also feature micro-fin lattice of the GPU are which should improve heat dissipation as well as support for standard G 1/4 BSPP fitting threading.

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A price for the Koolance VID-AR290X has been set at $129.99 / €97 / £81, a reasonable price for overclockers out there looking to test their skills and fiddle with their cards more than an air cooling system permits.

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5 Responses to “Koolance Radeon R9 290X Water Block Released”
  1. mename says:


  2. Matti Alexander Christensen says:

    im with the other guy eteknix, it would be very nice to see more cooling solutions tested.
    individual waterblocks, aftermarket gpu cooling solutions, cheap expandable water cooling kits, etc.
    most of it would be fairly simple and relatively fast to test, and i dont think it would be that hard to get various brands to send you some samples.

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