Kworld Dark Pyramid D15u+ Speaker Review

/ 5 years ago

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Before I got this product for review I had never even heard of Kworld, a company that has been doing the rounds since 1999, they are one of those brand names that just doesn’t stick in your mind, if I have used or seen their products in the past, I don’t remember them.  This is partly due to the fact they have been a OEM brand up until a few years ago, where they decided to make a push with their own branding with a goal to “become the leader of digital entertainment”, a pretty high goal if there ever was one, especially given that juggernauts of companies like Apple, Sony and Microsoft battling for control of the planet, even audio companies like Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Bang and Olufsen, with plenty more like them already well rooted in the industry.

With such a wide range of product already under their belt, covering everything from keyboard and mice combos, IPTV cards for PCs, gaming headsets and of course speakers, most of which I have to say actually look pretty decent, they clearly are trying to make a strong push into the market.

The set we’re looking at today are the D15u+ not the most creative name ever I’ll admit, but they are an entry-level set of USB powered desktop speakers, given their less than easy to remember name and their sub £30 price mark I was a little sceptical about these speakers, come and read the next few pages to find out how they got along in my tests.

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