Kyocera new touchscreen that feels like physical keys

/ 5 years ago

Japanese tech firm Kyocera demonstrates their new touch panel at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo last week designed to give a tactile experience. It uses piezoelectricity to vibrate the screen at the very high speed when touched, which gives the feeling similar to touching a physical key.
To add more, according to RocketNews24, its no gimmick- and it can be set to mimic a variety of sensations: from soft and jelly type tactile feedback – or to clicky buttons. Since this solves the problem for certain users who are feeling awkward while using touchpanels, most likely this will be implemented in lot of the devices and appreciated by the end users.

Kyocera plans to implement this on portable game consoles, in- car navigation or even cellphones and estimates units upto 3 million units will be available with the next 5 years.


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  1. Great, if apple use it their batteries will last 10 mins, 20 mins less then it normally would. Clever technology though

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