Laser Powered 3D Hologram Projector That Works in Daylight!

/ 3 years ago

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Science fiction movies love the idea of realistic 3D holograms for communication and while that technology isn’t ready yet, we’re certainly heading in the right direction. This new projector from Aerial Burton is unlike any other we’ve seen before. It doesn’t need to pump an inert gas to project on, it doesn’t need a screen and it doesn’t need to be in a dark area to be seen.

By using highly focused 1kHz pulse lasers through a 3D scanner, it reflects and focuses the beams to an exact point in the air above it. The power of the laser ionizes the air molecules at a specific spot and gives off a flash of light at that point. It does this at multiple points many times to give the illusion of an image, which can also be animated to a certain degree.

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The resolution isn’t great, but for their first hardware release it’s very impressive and they’re already working on solutions that can allow for more detail to be added.

Thank you Business Insider for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “Laser Powered 3D Hologram Projector That Works in Daylight!”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    That is really cool, though, can it burn stuff, should something get in the path?

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