Latest ASRock AIO Computers @ CeBIT 2015

/ 2 years ago


Following our previous coverage of ASRock at CeBIT 2015, they also presented a small range of their AIO computers. The most notable being the Alienware esq M8. This features a SFX 600W power supply to offer support for a single AMD R9 290x, NVIDIA GTX Titan or GTX 780Ti. The rest of the range was smaller AIO computers like the VisionX 471D. Despite its small size, this comes with a 256GB mSATA SSD, a 2TB HDD with additional space for a 2.5″ drive and an i7 mobile CPU. This little box packs a big punch and is sure to shake up the market.

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We look forward to testing ASRock’s future products. Any news or events we will keep you updated.






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