Latest Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Trailer Revealed

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Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed title will be number 4 and dubbed “Black Flag”. The new game from Ubisoft will support next generation consoles meaning it will be able to deliver a superior graphical experience compared to current Assassin’s Creed games on current generation consoles. However, Ubisoft isn’t leaving the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 behind as it will offer a version of the game that is still compatible with those.

Ubisoft have already spoken publicly about how impressed they are with the PlayStation 4 platform and what it allows them to do, no doubt we can expect a similar thing to be true for the Xbox 720 too. Hopefully the next generation of consoles will see games like Assassin’s Creed make huge leaps forward, and as a PC gamer (without wanting to sound elitist) I hope this means the PC gaming market can also move forward faster too as it now doesn’t have to wait for console graphics to play catch up, at least not for another 5 years or so.

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Anyway, back on topic and you can see the Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag trailer below. The basic jist of the storyline is that the main assassin leads a group of followers around the world plundering the riches of Empires on a pirate ship.

Let us know your thoughts on this new game from Ubisoft.

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  • Why does PC gamer sound elitist? It’s the ONLY platform worth playing on (my opinion only). I hope Ubi has finally solved the main problem of the main antagonist clambering & clinging to everything. It really infuriated me more in AC3 than previous titles. I also hope I never have to play another dour, sullen character like Conner again. I am really a big fan of AC but AC3 left me cold (traipsing sluggishly through the snow didn’t help either).

    • because the system owner that buys graphics cards and does this sort of gaming is probably less than 5% of the PC market whereas the console is much more mainstream

      • d6bmg

        Yeah, that should be the main reason.

      • Well observed Batman.Yep. Us PC gamers march to the beat of our own drum. Who want’s to be part of the millions of minions?

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