Latest Cities Skylines II Patch Improves Cargo Storage & The Mail System

Patch 1.0.15f1 has been released for Cities Skylines II and has introduced even more much needed fixes focusing on the mail system and storage transfer for cargo and industrial buildings and bringing in several fixes elsewhere.

Cities Skylines II Patch 1.0.15f1

The cargo and storage system for industrial goods in Cities 2 has caused a bit of a bother amongst players. It was found that cargo terminals wouldn’t work as efficiently as they could and your city would often import more often than it would utilise resources within your city causing a bit of a dent in the cities finances. This latest patch has brought in some fixes for storage transfer including some efficiency improvements and changes to the ways that cargo terminals import cargo. Path finding on the terminals has also been improved alongside some general pathfinding for citizens. Alongside storage fixes the mail system has had several bugs fixed.

UI and graphics have seen some improvements and fixes including better terrain smoothing for networks and large buildings. Many fans have noted the rough terrain when placing larger buildings, but this is easily fixed if you know your way around the terrain tool.

Just like many of the other poor releases recently, Cities 2 is slowly shaping up to become a fantastic City Builder, though if you can look past the issues and performance, it already is pretty damn good.

Full Patch Notes

Gameplay fixes

  • Mail fixes:
    • Fixed: Citizens do not have destinations in their Selected Info Panel when Sending Mail
    • Fixed: Post van not delivering/collecting mail from target building if the path accesses the lot in a specific way.
    • Fixed: Post van failing to collect mail from building if it’s also delivering mail to the same building at the same time.
    • Fixed: Post sorting facility is unable to export global mail
  • Storage transfer fixes:
    • Adjusted industrial companies’ production efficiency to produce more products to increase good exports.
    • Adjusted storage companies spawning, storage companies will spawn less than storage capacity demand to increase goods export.
    • Fixed vehicle state that isn’t exporting showed as exporting state
    • Cargo Stations like harbors, and train terminals will have a low stock amount at 100t, the terminal will import around 30t each time the current amount is below 100t.
    • Cargo Stations like harbors, and train terminals will have an export threshold of 200t, the terminal will export around 30t each time the current amount is above 200t.
    • Storage companies will spawn less than the current producing capacity to increase export (does not affect existing storage companies in the city)
    • Improved pathfinding to include storage & cargo stations as valid import candidate targets
  • Improved moving in pathfinding. This prevents citizens from reserving homes from disconnected buildings (Or moving into the city at all if it’s not connected to an outside connection).
  • Increased pathfinding penalty for illegal pedestrian crossing
  • Fixed: Several instances of vehicles getting stuck
  • Fixed: Roads shown as inaccessible in Build menu can be used when the player has low budget
  • Fixed: Hydro power plant output increases with simulation speed
  • Improved water flow update when terraforming
  • Fixed: Progression XP is not awarded for constructing Signature Buildings
  • Fixed: Coal power plant does not import resource from nearby harbor
  • Fixed: Citizens are shopping in industrial zones in factories instead of commercial zones
  • Fixed: multiple issues related to constructing multilevel roads, elevated roads over water or bridges
  • Improved elevated road construction (Not actual bridges) to require more pillars

Graphics fixes

  • Improved terrain smoothing for networks and large buildings
  • Fixed: Forward road arrows on building lots incorrect for left-hand traffic.
  • Fixed: Trees sticking out of the river in the main background image
  • Fixed: Dam (net-part only) facing the wrong way when using left-hand traffic
  • Fixed: Buildings missing road arrows and some other props depending on the selected theme
  • Fixed: International Airport missing bus stops when using the North America theme.

UI fixes

  • Improved Selected Info Panel and Infoview panels to scale with text scale
  • Improved sorting of households:
    • Citizens sorted by age in household/single-family home Selected Info Panel sidebar
    • Households sorted by member count in building Selected Info Panel sidebar
  • Fixed: Pressing “M” while in photo mode removes the UI permanently for that session
  • Fixed: Customer Info view for low customers terrain color inconsistent to the terrain color of other RCIO Info views
  • Fixed: UI forwardRef error which was appearing sporadically when loading a save

Other fixes

  • Fixed: Now They’re All Ash Trees, Out For a Spin, The Size of Golf Balls, Groundskeeper, Up and Away achievements, and Four Seasons achievements
  • Fixed: Prefabs not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed: Cinematic camera data is not resetting when loading a save or starting a new one
  • Fixed: Object base mesh not visible if the main object is out of camera viewport
  • Fixed: Forestry Area’s Forest Forwarder was not playing the engine sound
  • Increased all emergency vehicle siren sound distances
  • Improved cached progress for Achievements
  • Added 2 new steps to Education tutorial
  • Added missing translations
  • Optimized XP calculations
  • Improved error and crash reporting tools
Jakob Aylesbury

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