Latest Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Screenshots Look Great

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Heroes of Might and Magic 7 is still in its alpha phase, but it already looks pretty sweet and is set for a 2015 release time.


The official blog has started off the month by releasing some new screenshots of the environment and areas in works. As a long time fan of the series, I like what I see.


Official disclaimer to the screenshots:

Please take note that in those screenshots:
– We didn’t used default camera angle & high to allow a better overview of environments
– Armies were set randomly and this is an example of big battlegrounds but we have of course a lot of smaller ones (and mediums, and tiny and giant etc.)
– Creatures/Heroes/Items scales are not final at all
– There are glitches and work in progress assets
– Visual quality is not final too


For those who might not know, Heroes of Might and Magic is a traditional turn-based strategy game who’s fantasy element and fundamental game basics have fascinated gamers for several decades.


Hud views:




Full HD versions of the screenshots can be found on the official blog post in case the above should be a tad to small for you.

Thanks to Ubisoft for providing us with this information

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One Response to “Latest Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Screenshots Look Great”
  1. Zeneren says:

    fighting map still on squares?
    why they’re so hesitant for hexagons is really beyond me…

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