Hitman Patch Fixes DirectX 12 Tomfoolery

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Hitman is one of the most engrossing stealth franchises ever created and helped bring the genre to mainstream audiences. Agent 47’s cunning ways and his iconic appearance made him such an endearing character. The latest entry in the series adopts the episodic business model and originally caused a great deal of scepticism from fans. Thankfully, the first episode received widespread critical acclaim and is often described as one of the best stealth experiences in recent memory. On another note, Hitman includes the DirectX 12 functionality which allows us to gauge the performance benefits when using this API across various hardware tiers. Unfortunately, this render became inoperable when the latest episode was released to the public. As a result, you couldn’t run the benchmark. This is infuriating because I originally intended to do a performance analysis with the integrated benchmarking tool.

In theory, you could apply a temporary fix to load the game via the DirectX 12 render but in my experience, it didn’t feel very stable. This is another example of DirectX 12 experiencing problems which suggests many developers see it as an afterthought. The developer, IO Interactive has finally released a patch which addresses the aforementioned issues. This means you can run the DirectX 12 benchmark and play the game with the latest API. Rest assured, we will be doing a performance article very soon and determining if AMD cards become more competitive versus DirectX 11.

Are you a fan of the Hitman series? If so, let us know which is your favourite. Personally, I love Hitman: Blood Money and look forward to revisiting it very soon.

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