Latest Intel Graphics Drivers Enhanced for 4th and 5th gen Core Processors

/ 3 years ago


Timed for the release of the 5th generation of Intel Core processors, Intel released a new version of their graphics drivers that also brings along a long row of benefits for the current 4th generation.

Benefits of updating to this driver include addition of video playback of VP9 video format, for Chrome video playback and Google Hangouts for example, through partial hardware acceleration. Accelerated decoding of the HEVC video format for 4K Ultra HD video playback with both 8-bit and 10-bit support was added as well as and expanded Open CL and Open GL extension support.

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Intel also fixed a long row of issues ranging from log off screens being displayed when changing display mode to ordinary bluescreen situations and issues with a long row of games such as Call of Duty, Quake 4, Sleeping Dogs, AC:Unity and more.

You can view a list of changes in the Release Notes and download the new drivers from Intel’s official website for 32bit and 64bit systems.

Thanks to Intel for providing us with this information

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    Intel the best company every day overcoming itself

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