Latest Java Update Trolls Mac Users with Annoying Adware

/ 3 years ago


Java is one of the most used platforms on all major operating system nowadays. It is even required by some websites to be able to load and display their applets, giving you a rich browsing experience. However, its latest update seems to want to dictate which search engine we are using when browsing the Internet.

The latest update for Java is said to ‘automatically’ install a web browser add-on for, an alternative search engine such as Bing, Google, Duck Duck Go, etc., as well as defaulting your browser’s home page to the webpage. Windows users have been plagued by something similar in the past, but now it looks like the adware is targeting Mac users.

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One Response to “Latest Java Update Trolls Mac Users with Annoying Adware”
  1. COMMICZAR says:

    just a money grab , I always un tick all boxes that are pre-ticked and read carefully boxes that are not , Program Uninstall most commonly used feature after installing anything. here. I hate unasked for add–ons . If I want to change my browser /search engine I will do it when I want to . Not because somebody gets paid if I do

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