Latest NZXT Chassis Unveiled @ CES 2016

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CES 2016: The latest chassis from NZXT was shown off to us and a few other select press from around the world earlier today. Set to launch on the 26th of Jan (2016), the new chassis doesn’t have a real name just yet, but we’ve been told that the name, price and variants available will be detailed within the next week or two at the very latest.


The chassis was unveiled at a supercar experience race track in Las Vegas, which was to give us some indication of the design ethos behind the new chassis creation.


The curvaceous beast is certainly an interesting change from the often boxey or strong angled designs we usually see from NZXT. The curves are meant to capture some of the thrill and style of high-end super cars, giving it a more flowing design.


If you’re confused about the paintwork, don’t be, it’s just a wrap they had done for the show, much in the same way car manufacturers camo their cars like this when they’re pre-production. Basically, it’s just to look fun and cool.

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We really like the shape, it’s certainly different, but what do you think? Is this something you’ll have for your desktop?



NZXT we’re super awesome, letting us get out for a spin in a range of exotic sports cars, to put us in the same mindset as their new chassis design. Thanks guys, not every day I get to take one of these out for a spin.


Of course, the real star of the show and the winner on the day wasn’t our racing skills, it’s the… well, the yet to be named chassis! Stay tuned for more information and a full review very soon.


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  1. Kyle Dueña says:

    it looks like a tv from the 70’s -_-

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