Latest PlayStation 5 Beta Introduces 8TB SSD Support

With the latest games having obscene storage requirements, PC gamers and Console gamers alike have been eager to expand their storage on their respective systems. With the latest PS5 Beta update, users will now be able to expand their storage even further with up to 8TB of M.2 SSD.

PS5 With 8TB of Storage

PC gamers have always had the opportunity for storage expansion options with ease which is also something that Sony wisely decided would be important for the PlayStation 5 whilst Xbox opted for the proprietary external rubbish despite being owned by Microsoft. Currently, PlayStation 5 owners are able to upgrade the internal M.2 with up to 4TB of storage, which is plenty for most games but with many triple-A titles exceeding the 100GB mark it can get eaten up quickly. With the latest PS5 beta, this 4TB can be doubled to 8TB which is quite a step up and should keep people satisfied although most 8TB M.2 drives cost more than the PS5 itself so I don’t see many people opting for this much storage.

Support For Dolby Atmos-enabled Audio Devices

For those that love powerful audio, this update now brings 3D Audio powered by 3D AudioTech with compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices such as soundbars, TVs or home theatre systems. 3D Audio can allow for even greater levels of immersion in the audiotapes of PS5 games.

New Accessibility Features

To help improve accessibility, Sony has introduced the option to assign a second controller to act as an assist controller. This feature allows users to operate the console as if they were using one controller and allows a second person to help the primary player. Haptic Feedback effects can now be enabled on the System UI making it easier for those with some level of disability to navigate much easier with the inclusion of the haptic feedback.

Social Feature Enhancements

A few changes have been made to enhance the social features primarily focusing on the parties. Users can now invite a player into a closed party without automatically adding the player to the group or creating a new group. Additionally, players are now able to send open or closed-party invitations to groups rather than only individuals. There is also now a preview of the share screen feature before you enter a party and some additional features to make joining friends much easier in the friend’s tab. The game hub will now allow you to see how many tournaments you’ve entered and the highest place you’ve achieved plus you can now react to messages with emojis.

Ease of Use Features

Finally the update has introduced some features to improve your overall PS5 experience starting with the introduction of a search bar to help you find your games within your library. For those who use the game help cards, they have been improved to see available, previously available, upcoming and completed activities. These activity cards have also been made easier to read with the details displayed on the right side of the card. Finally, for those that hate the PS5 beep sound, you can now disable it under system settings with the option to mute or adjust the volume.

Jakob Aylesbury

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