Latest SkyWind ‘Revive’ Trailer Released – Brings Morrowind to Skyrim!

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It was back in 2013 that we first mentioned SkyWind, but a project this huge doesn’t happen over night and more often than not, they fall into obscurity and never see the light of day; SkyWind is not one of those projects, at least not yet.

The latest trailer for SkyWind has been released, bringing with it a lot of new hope to see Morrowind brought back to life in the much-improved game engine facilitated by Skyrim. The video shows work that has been done on recreating Vvardenfell, with West Gash, Battle Coast and Red Mountain all starting to take shape.

It’s slow work, but one that the team have undertaken free of charge in their own spare time. If you think you can help, head on over to their project site and lend a hand!

“An exclusive look at the latest developer update for Skywind! While there is not much to show visually, major progress has been made on environmental and architectural 3D assets to finish fleshing out the game world. Enjoy this small preview and expect more to show in the next update!

Regarding the update version. 0.9.6 does no necessarily mean we are close to a 1.0.0 release. When the project first started, it was originally going to be a direct port, in which case version 9.0 WAS very close. However, as goals changed, we realized there was so much more to do than initially thought. 0.9.5 came out in October, and there is a lengthy gap between each major update. These versions are not an accurate representation of overall progress towards a release, but instead milestones to keep track of. When we have more information on a beta or a release, we will let you know. Sorry if this is misleading, it was not our intent.

Visit us at for more information and ways you can help

Product version 0.9.6″ – TESRSkywindOfficial.

I absolutely loved Morrowind and it’s great to see so much work being done to keep the game alive.

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